Spotlight Conversations

Audiobook narrator Todd Waites talks studios, voice training and auditions

March 09, 2022 Donna Reed Episode 77
Spotlight Conversations
Audiobook narrator Todd Waites talks studios, voice training and auditions
Show Notes

My guest today is audiobook narrator Todd Waites, who explains what really happens in the studio when recording an audiobook. And he's here to say - it's not that easy! Sure, it seems like so at first, but Todd takes us on a step by step audiobook process - from the first audition to final chapter recording - where you finally understand the time and energy it takes to make a successful audiobook. This busy Texas narrator whose credits include After the Apocalypse  (a zombie apocalypse thriller) by Warren Hately and Prison Days (a true crime biography) by Simon King, explains all the important details in producing audiobooks (many which happen before stepping into the studio); understanding the differences between reading a book versus reading a commercial, and how to be your own engineer and producer (in addition to being talent!). He also covers topics such as character voice development, point of view, auditions, and the importance of training (before recording that very first audiobook). Bring along your love of storytelling and prepare to learn what it takes to be a successful audiobook narrator!

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